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About Kempton Azzopardi

Kempton Azzopardi are well known and respected in the Real Estate industry in Perth's western suburbs. This reputation has been achieved by the high standards of professionalism and ethics the Company adopts and maintains.

Because of this the Company receives a constant level of purchaser enquiries and are thus able to maintain, at all times, a register of purchasers of known financial resources, who are genuine in their intent in wishing to acquire a property in this area.

Kempton Azzopardi Principal, David Azzopardi has specialised in selling property in the area for over 30 years. A licensed Agent and Auctioneer, David has a reputation for achieving sales in all market conditions and for obtaining the highest possible price for the vendor.

David Azzopardi's sales and auctioneering effectiveness does not rely on gimmickry, rather a depth of knowledge and capability built over twenty seven years experience dealing at the highest level. Coupled with this specialist experience comes the ability to quickly identify types of buyers or the "target market" for a specific property and how best to attract them to that property.

David Azzopardi's personal selling philosophy is built around always working in the vendors best interest-after all it is the vendor who is paying for the service!

This philosophy is adopted throughout Kempton Azzopardi in both the Sales and Property Management departments and has been central to the Company's success.