Property Management Services

Kempton Azzopardi is one of the largest Specialist Property Management Agencies in the Western Suburbs.

There is no denying we are extremely proud of this fact. An advantage of our size is our profile. Being a well known real estate company in the area gives us an obvious advantage. The most likely first contact point for any prospective tenant will always be Kempton Azzopardi. This fact is most evident in the corporate transfer sector as we are regularly contacted by re-location companies and major international companies regarding properties we may have available now or in the future. They are not just responding to advertising but contacting Kempton Azzopardi before they commence to actively seek accommodation for their client or staff member.


Kempton Azzopardi could not have remained as the premier real estate company in the Western Suburbs, had it not lived up to claims made about the service our staff provide.

  • Routine Inspections: All estate agents 'claim' to carry out regular inspections of the properties they manage and in the vast majority of cases, that 'claim' is not reality. Kempton Azzopardi policy in this matter is quite clear - inspections are carried out each 3 months. These inspections provide you, the owner of the property, with a detailed report on its exterior and interior condition; recommendations for repairs or improvements; where needed, any recommendations and suggestions for any rental increase.
  • 24 hour maintenance service: To ensure your property is maintained we provide a 24 hour message bank service for tenants to contact us if there is an emergency. We have built up a team of qualified tradespersons who provide a service for you at reasonable rates.
  • Tenant Selection: Kempton Azzopardi portfolio managers are trained to be aware that, without good tenants successful property management is just good luck. We screen our tenants by receiving comprehensive applications and we are registered with the National Data Base for credit and previous tenant record checks.
  • Team

    Kempton Azzopardi's Property Management team consists of experienced, licensed Property Managers under the guidance of Karen Azzopardi - a Senior Property Manager with invaluable industry knowledge gained over many years of experience.

    Our portfolio managers responsibilities include both Commercial and Residential properties predominately based in the Western Suburbs. These comprise a diverse range, from one bedroom units to million-dollar luxury residences, retail shops and offices.

    Conveniently located at 170 Hampden Road, Nedlands we provide:

    • Fully computerised Property Management Department using the latest industry leading property management software.
    • Qualified, experienced and licensed Property Managers.
    • Prompt monthly payout of funds together with detailed statements and copies of all invoices paid.
    • Electronic banking and statement provision.
    • Daily tenant arrears reports which are actioned immediately.
    • Comprehensive quarterly inspections with written report.
    • Internet listing on multiple websites.
    • Constant monitoring of current rental market data.
    • Friendly, personal , professional service and advice.

    We look forward to demonstrating to you the benefits of using Kempton Azzopardi as your leasing and managing agent.

    When you engage Kempton Azzopardi Property Management Services to professionally manage the rental of your home or investment property, you can be assured of peace of mind and a professional service second to none.

    We firmly believe that no other real estate agency can provide you with the quality and consistency of service that has gained us a reputation for excellence in property management over 30 years.

    Importantly, you can be assured your property will be managed strictly in accordance with your specific instruction.Please contact us for more information, or come in for a visit. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have and look forward to welcoming you as a valued client.